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Symphony is a platform for implementing retail, distribution, operation and procurement solutions based upon the Theory of Constraints principles. Unlike most software in the market, Symphony’s different modules do not rely on forecast, but analyze real time consumption patterns. Symphony considers the supply chain in a holistic way and is capable of handling simple as well as complex supply chain models.

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Why Symphony?

All our solutions are developed with the main aim of generating value

Stock Management

Instead of wasting time and resources on forecasting, Symphony continually analysis the actual supply and demand. By optimizing the stock targets of each SKU in each stock location, we assure the availability of bestsellers, whilst reducing the level of slow movers.


Have the right inventory at the right place and at the right time. Symphony will identify best-selling SKUs, as well as manage the hierarchy levels of SKUs, whilst maintaining high stock variety using smart refreshment algorithms.


Unveil the inherent simplicity of your operations, streamlining it according to S-DBR (Simplified Drum Buffer Rope) principles. S-DBR synchronises prioritisation and daily actions according to demand, whilst protecting against unexpected catastrophes.


Symphony Procurement solution deals with two environments of purchased parts, fast movers and slow movers, covering the entire types-span, striving to ensure the availability of both.

Decision Support BI

How Symphony supports the decision making?

Symphony uses the organization’s existing raw data for making all the calculations and analysis. Symphony enable business users to jump in and start analyzing data themselves, rather than wait for IT to run complex reports.

Symphony excels in focusing you on the urgent and important issues, while visualizing all the information needed for taking a decision.

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Client Testimonials

“Initially, we had looked at Symphony as a software to help us manage inventory in our stores. We had not understood its strategic importance and the effect it would have in turning around our business”
“Using Symphony, we are able to control the inventory across the whole supply chain. This is the future for every organization that wishes to remain ahead in today’s competitive environment“
Rinardas Goda, President, Tegra
“Utilizing Symphony has allowed us to manage our stock levels at our warehouses almost automatically without the need for user intervention. Symphony is robust and works seamlessly with SAP.”

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