• The Stock Location Properties are free fields that can represent any property which is related to the Stock Locations and can be helpful later on. In Symphony, all of the Stock Locations are defined as similar entities. Meaning, in every report that applies to Stock Locations (for example: replenishment, transactions etc.) there will be a long list of all Stock Locations and their SKUs. With a proper use of the Stock Location properties, to view only the relevant Stock Locations will be easier and more intuitive.
    For example: Items, are possible values for a specific property.
  • From Symphony Version 7.1.0: The Stock Location Custom Fields, unlike Stock Location properties, is a feature which is intended to add free text fields for Stock Locations, allowing the user to add more information to Stock Locations.   This Custom Fields grid contains a maximum amount of 10 Numeric Fields, the SKU Custom Fields can be later used for simple filtering in a wide variety of Symphony reports. Unlike SKU Properties, the Custom Fields do not require any definition of items.

Stock Location additional fields