What is Symphony ?

Inherent Simplicity’s software, Symphony, has the functionality to capitalize on existing data and to produce insights and solutions to deliver maximal results for the company. Symphony is a powerful business solution that helps stock holding organisations build, capitalize on and sustain a decisive competitive edge that is built upon logistical advantage.

Symphony does not rely on forecast, instead, it analyses real time consumption patterns, using existing raw data to perform its calculations and rapidly react.

The software enables business users to analyse the data themselves, eliminating the need to wait for IT to run complex reports. Symphony excels in directing you towards the urgent and important issues, whilst visualising all the information you need to assist your decision making with regards the actions required.

Symphony’s tools have been specially developed for the decision makers within your company. It considers the supply chain in a holistic way, and provides a clear and straightforward recommendations mechanism that allows management to focus on high priority issues.

Organizations today are swamped with an enormous amount of data

The sad truth is that most organizations don’t know how to take advantage of this information

Demand Driven

Designed to fit each user and their needs, no previous information system experience required.

Process Oriented

Variety of screens and modules designed to fit any business process and each stage of every process (for example, planning, execution, analysis).

Results Oriented

Designed to help you deliver results and to provide direction, in a process of ongoing improvement.

TOC Knowledge based

Algorithms and procedures based on the vast experience and knowledge, accumulated over decades, by our leading experts.

Holistic Approach to Supply Chain

Our solutions take into account the whole picture, considering each and every part of the supply chain in its calculations.


Designed to fit each user and their needs, no previous information system experience required.


Symphony is fully compatible with all types of ERP and transaction processing systems.

Reports Generator

Symphony is equipped with dozens of reports to provide in-depth data analysis, with the functionality to create customised reports to meet your specific needs.