This is an overview of the basic process of the entire Retail module deletion. It will give retrospective regarding the necessary actions that need to take place for an easy and efficient process.

Instructions & Steps

  1. DB Backup
  • Perform an updated DB backup prior to performing the deletion process.
  1. Interfaces Preparations
  • Prepare all of the necessary files for the deletion process, those files should include all of the Retail Hierarchy that needs to be deleted:
  • Delete_Master SKUs
  • Delete_SKU Families
  • Delete_Assortment Groups
  • Delete_Display Groups
  • Delete_Location Family Attributes (if needed)
  • Delete_Stock Location Eligible Families (if needed)
  • Delete_Family NPI Sets (if needed)
  • Delete_Attributes AG Set (if needed)
  • Delete_Stock Locations (necessary if needed to delete different POS Stock Locations)
  1. Examination & Notes
  • This process should be performed as a separate L&R process, due to the time frame that this process might take and in relation to the amount of data for deletion.
  • Once all of the files are deleted, there should be no data in the Retail screens. Please make sure that there is no undesired information.
  • Important: If we performed a deletion of any Stock Location, the MTS SKUs which are connected to that specific Stock Location will be deleted as well.
  • The deletion process will remove all data from Symphony and from the DB (in SQL) permanently. Only two tables will still contain old data: ‘Symphony_AssortmentGroups’ & ‘Symphony_DisplayGroups’ (similar to the deletion process of SKUs).
  • Once the deletion process is finalized, the upload process of the new Retail Hierarchy can be performed. It is recommended to perform this process in separate as well.