The Smart Allocation is a mechanism to decide how to allocate the actual supply to the required demands when not all the demands can be filled.

Smart Allocation Replenishment Mode 

When this feature turned on, Symphony will go over all of the ‘Quantity to Replenish’ values from the Distribution Replenishment order. It will sum up all of the quantity for each Origin Stock Location and SKU name, for each sum Symphony will check if sum of quantity is equal or less to the Stock Location SKU ‘inventory at site’, than Symphony will not change these recommendations and displays them or export them.

If for a specific sum, the sum of the quantity is larger then the inventory at site for that stock location SKU. than, Symphony will execute the ‘Smart Allocation’ to decide what will be the ‘Suggested Quantity to Replenish’ for those rows.

The calculation of this feature works in the way that Symphony sorts the list of group for a certain SKU (the group is compiled from the same SKU and the same Origin Stock Location) and based on the ‘Monthly Consumption’ value (in decreasing order). The first Item will have the highest consumption rate for the previous month. For each item in the list (first to last) Symphony will perform calculations until the allocated quantity exceeds the actual quantity (Inventory at Site for this SKU at this Origin Stock Location).

Symphony will take under consideration the following order when performing the replenishment with the smart allocation enabled. Origin Stock Location, ‘Replenishment Priority’ descending, Average Monthly Consumption’ Stock Location ID and SKU ID.

How to Activate the Smart Allocation? 

In order to activate the Smart Allocation, Go to the MTS SKUs Replenishment screen > Generate Recommendation Based On Actual Stock > ‘Yes’. The default value for this parameter is ‘No’. Once this parameter is set to ‘Yes’, Symphony will activate the Smart Allocation and will base its Replenishment on the actual stock.

Smart Allocation










Smart Allocation by priority

From Version 7.1.0, Symphony allows using stores replenishment priority to set the replenishment order.

In order to set the stores replenishment priority go to Admin > Supply Chain > Stock Locations > Stock Locations screen > from the Column Chooser add the ‘Replenishment Priority’ field.

  • The Replenishment Priority field can contain positive/negative integer .
  • The Priority will be descending, meaning the highest value will get the higher priority, for example, in the below image SL ‘WH2′ will get the higher priority.