Long lead times, missed due dates, inventory level oscillation and stock outs are just some of the issues that most supply chains have to deal with. Whilst these could be considered industry standards, achieving ordinary results will not set you apart from your competitors.

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) has been systematically dealing with these issues for over three decades.

Our software implements the principles of TOC with a very simple and intuitive interface. Our data driven solutions help you to resolve day to day dilemmas, and also deal with an array of common challenges faced in the industry.

Inherent Simplicity’s solutions have been tested and proved over a wide variety of industries. We boast results that demonstrate our ability to increasing revenue, reduce costs and deliver a reduction in time to market, all whilst maintaining the current level of operating expenses.

Our Solutions

Stock Management

Every supply chain manager will testify that there is a constant struggle to manage inventories in the supply chain. You must have enough inventory to prevent stock-out on one hand, yet minimise the cost of inventory on the other. However, we cannot maintain both a high inventory system and a low inventory system at the same time. READ MORE


While stores are packed with inventory, there is continous pressure for more products, in order to increase sales. When trying to capture all sales opportunities, more and more retailers end up in a reality where of having too much of the wrong inventory and too little of  the right inventory… READ MORE


Most manufacturing companies would testify that lead times are usually longer than expected, due date performance could be significantly improved and that shortages are common. On top of that, deeper investigation of the shop floor would likely expose a high level of unnecessary WIP and finished goods, suffocating the cash flow. READ MORE


Purchased parts, sometimes referred to as raw materials, usually serve as cornerstones within the bigger picture. Availability, by definition, goes hand in hand with maintaining stock. If the case is not a $1 screw, but a $50K OEM computer, it is likely you wouldn’t want to keep too many in the stockroom. READ MORE


Manage your client’s stock levels, enabling them to benefit from complete product availability at lower stock levels, boosting your sales in the process. READ MORE